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Close-Up Swing bike WheelWelcome to the first web site dedicated to all the Swing Bike Riders out there who own and ride the Swing Bike. Whether it is a vintage all original bike, a customized bike or a proudly home made one, you know all the fun the other mortals are missing by not trying it out!

As many of you already know, the Swing Bike is a bike with independent steering on both wheels, which came out in the mid 70's. The original Swing Bike, probably called the Pivicycle, was brought to life in Oregon state, and its prototype was made mostly out of Stingray's parts, only to watch it grow and later exported out of the U.S.

Unfortunately, these bikes were manufactured for only three years.

The Swing Bikes have become collectable items; they experienced a re-birth on 2003, but once again, they only manufactured 170 reproduction bikes, each of them without serial numbers; and in only one color, midnight blue.

For more comprehensive information about the Swing Bike, please visit Bob Hufford's Swing Bike site.

Now that you know a little bit of history, grab your Swinger and have fun!

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